Toyota CEO: don’t say our boring cars!

CEO Akio Toyoda admitted Toyota ever repeatedly being called “boring” or “lack of individuality”. “Reasonable, reliable and durable” is probably the words that people buy new cars will describe about Toyota cars. Meanwhile, there are not a few who felt Toyota’s car “boring”. Mr. Akio Toyoda, Toyota’s CEO, also knows this.

In the press conference announced the results of the past fiscal year, Mr Toyoda has already mentioned the issue on. “Until now, there have been many times Toyota’s cars were known as ‘ boring ‘ or lack of personality,” Mr. Toyoda affirmed to press. “However, I feel we have clients start good reviews Toyota in terms of operation and design”. However, according to Mr. Toyoda, still “many things to improve in the Toyota vehicles”.

In fiscal years 2016 ends on 31\/3 of the year, Toyota’s net income has decreased 20.8% to about 16.1 billion. Meanwhile, Toyota’s business income decreased 30.1% to 17.5 billion dollars. Private sales of the Toyota Corporation decreased 2.8 percent to 242.2 billion.

In addition, also in the year 2016, Toyota has lost the title of world’s largest automaker in the hands of rival Volkswagen. Toyota predicted its line revenue in fiscal year 2017 will decrease 18% while revenue decreased 2.5%. Also in this fiscal year, Toyota’s sales are expected to stop in Figure 10.25 million vehicles.

According to Toyota, the reason net income and revenue reductions stemming from the airline’s rate increase. Besides, the research and development costs as well as reduced sales in the US market is also the cause yet.

This year, Toyota put more expectation on staging his new generation products, especially the Camry 2018. This mid-size sedan was officially the Detroit exhibition in 2017 took place earlier this year. The Toyota Camry has described the airline’s 2018 as a car model “sexy”. However, in fact, the design of the Toyota Camry 2018 back caused quite a controversy.