Porsche 911 1 million shipped

Very few sports cars or super cars achieved an impressive 1 million units shipped as 911.

The sports car from Germany has just announced impressive numbers with 1 million 911 units have been shipped. In it, the 911th million was painted in dark green color, in addition, gold badge, fabric and wood cover, which is very rare on the 911 today.

As can be seen, with the growth of the automobile industry, the number of cars reaching 1 million is not rare, however, in the high-end sports car segment or super car, very few cars. Which achieved an impressive milestone as the Porsche 911.

To do this, the Porsche 911 has gone through 54 years of development as well as releasing dozens of different versions and upgrades. The 911th millionth was announced at the Porsche plant in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, Germany.

In addition to the color bold leaves, this sports car Porsche 911 logo are also made of gold, 1 small engraved badge 911 number Nr. 1 million to get to know this is the 911 1 million.

Instead of looking for a particular customer to own the first 911 million factory, Porsche decided to retain this model to join the events of and after that will be on display at his Museum for visitors to enjoy.

As reported by Porsche, out of a total of 1 million Porsche 911 factory has 700,000 equivalent to 70% of them are rolled on the road. It is also impressive for the sports car maker to “covet”.