MINI Countryman SE ALL4 hybrid at the Goodwood Festival

Not only environmental friendly, MINI Countryman ALL4 SE also is a car model “friendly” with the user when the British Government support the part costs.

After the US November year salmon arrived at Los Angles, on 29/6 here, the “hybrid cars” gasoline-the first in the history of electric MINI-Countryman ALL4 SE will be widely introduced to consumers in the UK in the framework of the fair at Goodwood.

Although more than 1 month again, new users are visually “categories” Countryman ALL4 SE. But right now, the MINI has to advance with prices starting from £ 31,585 (almost 40,800 DOLLARS). In particular, the UK Government has supported 2,500 pounds (US $3,200), the move aims to help consumers more easily approach to model this environment-friendly cars.

Fact, if not supported by the Government, the SE model would be the ALL4 Countryman original MINI’s most expensive price. The British car maker share: “MINI Countryman ALL4 SE can become the ideal means of helping you in your daily life or in the picnic last week”.

In the technical angle, MINI Countryman ALL4 SE different from most other rechargeable plug-in hybrid, the electric motor on the vehicle just provide power to the rear wheel, while the front axle is 1.5 L turbo gasoline engine.

Similar to “brothers” BMW 225xe Active Tourer that Countryman ALL4 SE to share platforms, system of petrol engine and electric motor in the UK crossover model produces 220 horsepower.

This allows the car accelerated to 100 km/h in just 6.8 seconds. In electric mode, Countryman ALL4 SE has the scope to move up to 40 km per charge the lithium-ion battery (7.6 kW\/h capacity) and fuel consumption by manufacturers is 2, 1 l\/100 km.