Homemade sea crab “costume” disguise from plants under the sea

Some animals are “nature gift” external appearance in harmony with the natural environment, from there against the pursuit of the enemy. But what if as just not have been camouflaged appearance, alive in the environment often changes from tidal flow, such as the crab in the video below? To adapt to the harsh environment there, the child had used any of those pieces of plant they find surrounding to add up the body, from which blend with the environment.

Similar to the way soldiers use twigs tied up people or mud crab, hand drawn in the video used the plants under the sea floor to camouflage. But how to download coral or sea shoots can be mounted onto the crab body? Instead of using glue or wire the human body, of this crab species are covered with hairs curved shape of the hooks on the locking strip of velcro, helps the adhesion necessary objects up there. The final product is a perfect camouflage clothes and can change depending on environmental conditions. When watching this video, I’m really admiration the wonder of nature.